Seemingly remote from the cargo hussle on the ground at an over two million tons hub – we – AEROHANDLING – offer a full operational “care taking in Frankfurt” of freighter aircraft during their ground time. Ocassionally the passenger people, the stations – requests our assistance as well. All provisions from crew transfer – and rest to utmost precision in for example placing one of these new monstreous aircraft engines on a B 747 freighter. There are only millimeters left. Again – “can do”.
We receive, handle, supply and dispatch not the Boeing 747F (all types up to -800), 777F, 767F and MD11F, Airbus A330F and A300F. Numerous charter operations bring additional variety into day-in-day-out work.

We do weather, load sheet trim, NOT‘s and what else is needed to let a cargo flight go with an “airworthy” set of pallets and containers. We handle paper – in and out – try always to reduce it to minimum and our people seem to have a sixth sense for a problem building up somewehere. Be it split shipments, docs, no freight or vice versa. Well if your are long enough into it you have an alarm clock that rings; there is no substitute for being an expert.

We are certificated and qualified for following aircraft types:

- B747F (all series)
- B777F
- B767F
- A300BCF
- B747 Pax
- A340 Pax
- B767 Pax