Again; this field of action in our business could be considered “as usual” but we would not be so successful if we did not offer the edge. “Our experienced people do not only stick to standard manuals – they apply common sense and do what is necessary that very moment.” Our assigned agent meets the aircraft on blocks, receives the pouch, goes through it while looking at the load at the same time and then directs the freight to where it belongs. Often we do perishables. Many times there is a quick transfer to another carrier‘s flight.
Now outgoing our staff knows exactly what the airline or its GSA has sold – and promised. We take care. Considering the available capacity we plan the palettizing and supervise it. Overlapping, hazerdous goods, life stock maybe. No problem if you know how to hande it. Out carriers trust us to make the right also economical decision regarding the unit to be chosen – we are experts – it is as bacis as that.

Every single step is documented. Thanks to mobile phones we are always connected and we believe that every flight gone leaves a certain individual satisfaction.

We are certificated and qualified for following aircraft types:

- B747F (all series)
- B777F
- B767F
- A300BCF
- B747 Pax
- A340 Pax
- B767 Pax